August 27, 2010

Super dope Sticky Notes

It seems that one of the things you can never have enough of is... sticky notes. I have purchased in the last ten years such a variety of colors and designs.. but never have i been so lucky as to exhibit these on my desk... .maybe next year! 
The ULTIMATE girly girl post its... the can be found for $3.50 at amazon
For all the "inner" Psychiatrists in us all... for $9.95 here
Oh come on... i want it... you want it ... we ALL want it!! so get it! buy here
Ok the above and the below win the "Most Creative" award for this edition of cool shit!! 
The post it tattoo (buy here) and the Aqua Notes (buy here) HAVE to be the coolest post its out there HANDS DOWN!!! these guarantee that where ever you are, yes even in the shower, you will never forget the what needs to be done. 

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