August 13, 2010

Must Haves in the crazy HB Dept!

HB... you DO know that stands for HANDBAGS right?? right! Not all handbags in my closet are designer... i also love the strange and amazings too! i love to find things that NO ONE else would find if they weren't as avid a shopper as i am. You see... i hate hate hate biters... in any fashion or form! 
Madream is an international company that provides just that! Take a look;
THE DICE PURSE- Do You Feel Lucky Punk?? Do Ya?? HAHA
Madream 2010 Collection
The There's the Sushi Purse.. yeah MY personal Fave!! 
Madream 2010 Collection
Next lets look at the Romeo and Juliet Wallet... don't kill yourself for it.. there's plenty!
Madream 2010 Collection
And finally... the perfect Brunch accessory.... 
Madream 2010 Collection
Like them or not, you know you still gotta smile when you saw them! 

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