August 11, 2010

Douchebag Awards

Basically I love the word "DOUCHEBAG" as a descriptive! it's so all encompassing and right to the point..
So when all else fails and words escape you.... they're a DB! so i've gathered up some of what i think are the biggest douchebag pics... and if you wanna vote... do so!! They are in NO particular order!!
RIIIIIIGHT!!! Numero Uno!
Words don't even BEGIN to describe number 2 LMAO!!

Love the choice of quality television and the pink drapes.. number 3

*giggle* ganster guido.. not even cool on the Jersey Shore HA! Number 4

no caption needed.. thanks Uncle Sam number 5
The DB handbook didn't quite cover this HAHAHA number 6

That's all i got folks.. have a great rest of the day!! xoxo 

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