June 23, 2010


So I've been told that i have an attitude problem..... and quite frankly i have to agree!!!! 
and it's also not the first time I've heard it either!! LOL

Bad Attitude

The amount of BULLSHIT that one must endure in office politics, social surroundings, and personal wanderings is STAGGERING!! So why wouldn't i have an attitude problem.... quite frankly those who DON'T have one and are incessantly cheerful are a little on the shady of you ask MY opinion!!! 

What gets me, is that people say the word attitude like it's a bad thing :) I'm not saying that having a bad attitude everyday is necessary.... but once in a while you just NEED to express your inner bad kitty!
Attitude Pictures, Images and Photos
There is a time and a place for positive energy as well... Just NOT today hahaha

Lets just blame todays 'Tude on the....

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