June 7, 2010

Things that irk the living daylights out of me!!

So as i was sitting on the phone with Compass Bank JUST to reorder checks... when it occurred to me that calling into banks.. insurance companies... anything with an automated menu is the most IRRITATING thing to have to endure. Pair that with doing these things at work and OYE VAY i just might end up as one of those crazies you read about on the news doing stupid shit to a customer service representative!!!

So in that fashion.. i have constructed a list of the most irritating things that one must endure... and they are in no particular order!! 
smiley_angry4.gif Yellow Irritated image by ValiORCD
But lets be honest... it's list number 1! lol

1. The AUTOMATED menu!!  (fyi... just hit {0} it gets you to the operator 9 times outta 10) 
2. The words SOLD OUT... i mean if you don't have it... DON"T advertise it... you cause unnecessary trips!
3. Repeating Myself- i mean really... would it KILL you to pay attention once in a damn while. 
4. Jean Claude Van Damme
5. Oil Changes... no any kind of car maintenance. (the 12% interest on the already overpriced car should cover that shit!)
6. Forgetting the one thing i really wanted in my order. CHECK that SHIT... not my job.. i'm just sayin
7. TRAFFIC- and what's more.. why on one mile of the same road it's bumper to bumper.. then all of a sudden there's nothin! WTF.
8. Speaking of Road Pet Peeves... The Fast lane GRANDMA... move out the way!! lol
9. Service Charges (fees) because spending $100 on concert tickets isn't enough!
10. Lack of TURN SIGNAL when you are driving... gggggrrrrr
11. Noisy Eaters.... i really don't need to hear you lick your face and suck on your fingers... use a napkin!
12.  The words "THINK ABOUT IT".. .i'm sorry but if i wanted to think about it.. i would have already said something witty about it... YOU think about THAT!!
13. Double Negatives
14. The word YOUS.. and maybe it's a Denver thing... but in any event STOP!!! 
15. The Misspelling.... it's Gotta STOP as well!! If you are going to blog, micro blog, promote yourself or try to make a valid point.. First step... HOOKED ON PHONICS!!! 
sorry.jpg sorry image by rachel7682

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