June 7, 2010

ummm WTF for food ;)

I've come across some pretty crazy food gadgets... food products and food ideas in the last few months...
here's a few of the funnies that topped my "flipped my pancake" list this week!!
HAHAHA yes sir... that says BACONNAISE!!
Becauuse sometimes you just don't have time to ship up a batch of bacon for every sandwich, and YES, it does come in LITE hahaha
This my friends is a Candle that has the lovely scent of a White Castle Burger!!
wow... is all i have to say!
a most disturbing treat for the summer..... the pickle pop!
i love pickles; and odds are that i would at the very least have to TRY this.. but that doesn't make it any less disturbing.. and i can't help but think that maybe we're trying a little too hard to take out the sugar!! lol
and since we're talking about cool treats... let me introduce you to Jalapeno Ice Cream... yeah you who know me know i'd never!!
Now i know NO date would be complete without some Nacho Cheese breath mints LMAO!!!
And then we have the "gangster grater"!! Perfect for those Italian dinners with the mobsters down the street!!
BON APPETIT! *giggle*

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