June 3, 2010

Sparkly Silver POO if you might LOL

i love everything shiny... sparkly.... and basically anything that is glittery!! 
ilikeshinythings.gif i like shiny things image by mary-beary
But i'm not sure how i would feel about ingesting silver pills to have sparkly poo for 24 hours LOL... i'm just SAYIN!! 
But nevertheless... they DO exist and here they are :) 

The contents of the pill are pure silver and pass straight through the body. Hence the sparkly remnants you will see in the toilet bowl hahahaha!!

Yes, 24k gold pills.  If your indulgence can’t keep up with the availability of luxury products, then you might want to ingest your wealth with gold pills from Citzen Citizen.  Each pill contains 24k Gold leag in capsules that are also dipped in gold.  The design comes from Tobiias Wong, who is known for “transforming every day objects into objects of desire”.
The quote on the product page helps describe the motivation for purchase: “Like an addict, all I want is more.”
Price: $275 (via Trendhunter) 

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