April 26, 2011

Bronze Goddesses Arise!!

It's almost summer.. and that means... pasty white will be heading to bronze-y glows!!
If you're like me... you might need a little help with the coloring part.. since i tend to go from white... to red.. to pink.. back to white!! so i love a good bronzer... and these are the the ones toppin the list....

Diorskin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora ($46 )
Guerlain- Terra Inca ($70)
Estee Lauder... Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush ($34.00; limited edition)
Tarte Matte Waterproof Mineral Powder Bronzer ($29)
and ....Elizabeth Arden's Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder
I hope this is helpful in finding your perfect bronzer for the Summer.... cuz it's gonna be a HOT one!!

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