April 5, 2011

It's an Absolute SIN.. to neglect the SKIN

Most skin care is just that.... skin deep. There are so many other contributing factors that should be considered as part of your skin care regiment. Just washing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing is not gonna get you the best skin you can get!! Other things such as sun exposure, the foods we eat, the environment we live in and the habits we have acquired, should be taken into account when looking for a  new regiment! 
With that in mind... i came across an Australian company... called Sin Care. take a look... 

The SIN list!
Sin # 1 - Smoker's Secret
Sin # 2 - Sun Goddess
Sin # 3 - Sugar Hit
Sin # 4 Relaxation Sensation
Sin # 5 Sleep Doctor
Sin # 6 - Skin Coach 
Sin # 7 - Line Rewind
Sin # 8 - Urban Renewal

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