April 29, 2011

What's cookin Good Lookin...Diva Style...

By Des.. the Decadent Diva Herself...

I partnered with Miss Rachel from popularlemonade on this post... her's obviously preceding mine... and here are MY fab FIVE!!! 
A man in the Kitchen?? You better believe it!! It's the sexiest thing a man can do outside the bedroom!!! 
I love when a man cooks for me... but as you know.. i also like cooking for a man... equal opportunity lender if you might hahaha
The thing I've always been confused about though is; if it's a 'woman's place' to be in the kitchebn.. why are most chef's men? But since i'm not one to buck tradition... Here's a list of thee sexiest Chefs who are more than welcome to come cook for me anytime... I'm just sayin.  
And by Menu... i mean what they would be making for ME! 
Lets start with The Deen Boys!! Jamie and Bobby Deen are the epitome of Southern gentlemen. I mean look at the smiles ...the teeth... the tan.  I just wanna dip them in buttah!  Starting out in 1989 delivering sammies for their mom is how the whole Deen empire began, and continues to infiltrate supermarkets and retail stores alike!! 
OH and having paula Deen as a mother-in-law.... i'm gonna have to say.. not a bad deal all around!
Menu: HOEcakes, biscuits and gravy, bacon and coffee.... southern. 
 Next up is my nod to my Latino roots, and hot Latin lovers......Mr. Jose Garces. 
Winner of "The Next Iron Chef, season 2', and a flair for Asian inspired Latin dishes,  Jose Garces is that stoic, silent type with the strength of a thousand men but the heart of a lamb... Ohhh lamb... ... or so I have imagined him to be anyway... *giggles*. 

Menu: Tapas, Cocas, Ensaladas Y Sopas... Sangria. 
 Talk about bringing sexy back into the kitchen... Curtis Stone is all i should have to say. His Iron Chef loss to Bobby Flay did not detour this guy one bit and he can be found on 'Celebrity Chef' and landing on People's sexiest list 2006...
Those eyes, That Smile, That Accent..... Swoon. Oh yeah he cooks too!! 

Menu; Roasted Sea Scallops wrapped in Pancetta with tomato and gremolata and warm salad of smoked lamb with a Cabernet sauvignon vinaigrette. *licks lips* 
 Clean cut, wholesome and hot....Tyler Florance. I'm sure Tyler can be a tiger when necessary.. but i love his sweet demeanor, his charisma and of course, his food skills... Check out his plethora of shows on the Food Network!
Menu; Coq au vin .... red wine.... 
and my NUMBER 1 Sexy Chef Award goes too,....one Scott Conant... an amazing pasta making specimen!! He's a little mob... a little boss.. and a LOT of sexy! This is one i would have liked to see on 'The Next Iron Chef' for sure... but i'm just as content watching him twirl pasta on 'Chopped'.  Plus.. you know how i feel about a man in specs... ultra sexy. 

Menu: PASTA duh. Probably the black tagliatelle... yes. 

Honorable Mentions... 
Sexy Asshole Award... Robert Irvine
Sexy BBQ'er award... Bobby Flay

Sexy Baldy with the best laugh award ...... Michael Symon

Sexy Girl Crush.... Claire Robinson.
Who's YOUR faveorite Sexy Chef... Visit www.facebook.com/thedecadentdiva and leave your answer on the wall!! 


Anonymous said...

I feel like my man needs to be in this top running. Seriously. ;)


Des said...

HAHA WEll he needs to submit samples... Seriously LMAO jk
I'm working on a local talent kinda thing... so maybe he'll like to do that!!!
Thanks for reading Karina :)