April 29, 2011

Speaking of men....

I DO enjoy Karl Lagerfeld...his looks and style just enthrall me, so when one of my FAVORITE FACES, a One Ms Ru Johnson of  THE GRAVY ... sent me a link to this story... one the Anniversary of the DD no less, it was a MUST post!!
So essentially Mr. Lagerfeld has a muse.. a traveling companion he's never without.. a gentleman by the name of Baptiste Giabiconi (say THAT three times) and he has been sculpted out of chocolate.. for what reason.. i'm not sure!! 
Ok Ok i do know why.. it's to promote a new endeavor for Lagerfeld;
 Can we say an advertisers dream right there!!  But regardless of the reason... who wouldn't love love love a man made out of chocolate!! 
This is what the young man looks like in real life... Lucky guy lol
I wonder if it's solid, hollow or filled??? :) 

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