April 14, 2011

Givenchy + Converse = Cool New Shoes!
Not a shoe person by nature..especially sneakers.. but i DO love Givenchy .. a lot... and Converse is a name i know well.. so when this sneak peak came across my desk.. i thought i'd share my love for animal prints and Haute couture designers making waves in the casual world with you. 
Now, i know that there's the ability to design your own pair of Chucks, but i'd rather have GIvenchy's Ricardo Tisci design mine!! Unfortunately Americans, you will have to get to Japan to get these beauties... They drop on 4/27/11 in the Givenchy flagships in Japan, with a worldwide drop pending on the sales... Come on now... SALES?
So, basically.... just keep your eyes peeled.. they'll be here before you know it!! 
Let's get Steppin,

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