April 1, 2011

School Girl Crushes

I was asked the other day who was my very first crush was... i had a hard time pin pointing one down from real life..... although i VIVIDLY remembered my first TV crushes! So here they are.. in no particular order... 
Enjoy a trip through teenage eye candy time...HA!
As a HUGE 90210 fan... I fell for good guy.. sometimes too good... Brandon Walsh. 
The Pull toward the good guys was short.. as i also had a crush on perpetual trouble maker Zack Morris!! 
He might not have been the smartest cookie in the cookie jar on 'Boy Meets World' but Cory's older brother Eric was my fave eye candy on that run... ;) 
Awww and who didn't love e little Freddy Prinze Jr. Time... Serious Crush right here. (still have it...)
The first poster i ever loved... (my version of the 70's Farrah Fawcet i guess) was Antonio Sabato Jr. 
A soap hunk and CK model.... he was.. is.. my dream fella. 
Ahhhh Jared Leto.... it's the eyes... simple as that!

And YES... i also  had a crush on Blossom's Brother.... D'oh!
and Finally.. my Grown UP crush.. Andy Garcia... fell in love with him whilst he played Vincenzo Corleone in THE GODFATHER 3... 
What a trip.. thanks for coming with me!

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