April 26, 2011

Let's not fall victim!!

Drunk Dialing/Texting..... WE have all done it.. or received it... now.. there are apps to prevent it.. or at least slow you down while you do it HAHAHA
If you are the receiver.. well sorry, can't help you there... 
As an Android phone utilizer... and sick of seeng IPHONE apps come first... i will start with...
 DrunkBlocker for Android screenshotDrunkBlocker for Android screenshot
This app replaces all the numbers on your list of blocked contacts with a string of different numbers. 
If you decide you really want to call this person, then you can try to pass the sobriety test that the app offers. In order to try your hand at the sobriety test, you will need to open the DrunkBlocker app up.... not sure how it know's you are drunk.. but eh... it's worth a try LOL
Drunk Text Preventer for Android screenshot
instructions.. (via) anroidzoom 
1. Before Drinking, Please Select the Click When Drinking Button.
2. Drink Up and Enjoy your night. 
3. If you want to use your phone to text people, you wont be able to unless you complete the test. 
4. If you do not complete the test, your phone service will be temporarily disabled. You will not be able to make phone calls or texts until you complete the test. 
5. If you can get your drunken self to open up the app, click the "Test Sobriety" button. If you answer the question within ten seconds, the pop ups will stop and you will be able to either A. Tell the app you're no longer drinking. or B. Use your phone for 30 mins unhindered. 
Now for you IPhoners...
Designated Dialer for iPhone – by Phase2 Media
This will block contacts when activated.. and will send you to the creater of this app with a message that you are too drunk to be dialing.. Funny,
Available for $.99
Next.. The Bad Decision Blocker 
Bad Decision Blocker for iPhone – by John Genest
Available for $.99
This gem of an app will block emails.. texts.. and calls.. from being made while tipsy... just remember to activate it before heading out!! 

So.... please be use these and protect yourself and others from your inscecent drunk ramblings!! lol

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