February 21, 2011

But WAIT, there's more!!

We've all have our sleepless nights, so we all know what comes on the tube during these hours right??? Right. INFOMERCIALS!! i'm not sure who exactly comes up with these, but sometimes... you just have to laugh at some people's concept and view on life!! Here's my tops of ridiculousness from the late night TV creepers. 
  1. GLH
Before there was 'GTL' there was 'GLH' .... you know the Ronco's GLH Colored Hair Thickener Spray!!! BWAHAHAHA spray on and cover your bald spots!! Cuz you know, THAT looks real! *giggles* 
GLH Hair System Regular Kit
2. The Flowbee 
Ok.. i had to leave my desk while writing this, because i was laughing so hard.. i was starting to make a ruckus!! I'm honestly at a loss for words in a description... so i'll just give you theirs!! 
"Using the suction power of your vacuum cleaner or the new FLOWBEE super mini vac, the FLOWBEE then draws the hair evenly into the recessed blades and cuts it precisely. The results are a refreshing vacuum haircut. "  
yeeeahhh... say SWEAR. 
vacuum haircut,cut,hair cut styles,flowbee,haircut
3. The Tiddy Bear
Bwahaha...I mean really?? Because you switch the t's for d's ya think ya make it OK to say titty in a product title?? Apparently it does! I for one... well i just bought a seatbelt cover.. did the same thing without the ridiculous!! 
Grab a convertible like these folks so you can REALLY show your style!! 
4. The Hilary Nutcracker and Corkscrew Bill
There's no words that can't cover the pic LMAO
5. The Better Marriage Blanket
OH MY GAWD!!! This about ended my day with side splitting laughter...not just because of the supply.. but also for the DEMAND. It's "a REAL solution for a REAL problem"  Please visit HERE to check out the whole description.. because it's just TOO funny!!
(plus there's a vid) 
6. Doc Bottoms Aspray...
Is exactly what it sounds like lmao...and i quote.. " for Pungent pits and butt odor" WTF?? I thought that was what a shower daily was for??  hmmmm 
i guess if you NEED it... CLICK HERE
Now... go to sleep and stop watching this madness!!! 

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