February 9, 2011

when the moon hits your eye....

So it's 1 in the AM... and my Best guy friend and i are snowed in watching movies. 
I'm up way past my bedtime and all i hear is "i'm hungry Suzy, whatcha making me?" 
I look over into my kitchen and see some fresh basil sitting next to some romas and a light bulb went on....mind you it was a dim light bulb, as it was 1 am, but a light none the less. 
PIZZA folks.. .pizza. 
Since we couldn't decide on 'sauced' pizza or a margherita style... well you'll see LOL
Luckily i had an box of Jiffy pizza dough mix and that saved about an hour... i also had some sauce i had made from a big batch in the freezer... and grabbed the cornmeal outta the cupboard and VOILA.. Pizza.

There are to be NO remarks about the size and or shape of my pizza... it's was on the fly folks... it was on the fly!! lol

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