February 23, 2011

Material Girl living in a Material World!!

You have to give credit where credit is due sometimes.... and today all my credit for inspiration is going to Kelly Osbourne in her new role as the face for Madonna and daughter Lourdes' new fashion line for Macy's.
Ms O is actually replacing the first gal chosen... Taylor Momsen.... and for obvious reasons why lol. 
Remember Kelly a few years ago... you know... BEFORE DWTS??
She was a little frumpy... dark and chunky... but That was the Kelly Osbourne of the past! Since then she has transformed her look, got in shape and became the star she was meant to be!! 
The reason she has landed on THE DD today is not only for her fashion and edgy-ness... but for the fact that i find her to be inspiring!! She worked so hard on her figure and was such an inspiration on Dancing... that you just can't help but love her!! Oh and PS.. i love her mom too! Sharrrron!!! *Ozzy Voice* 
Tell me she doesn't look KILLER!!! oh and the line is cute too...haha!
Take a look at the line A LA Macy's and give Ms. O a damn hand!! 

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