February 10, 2011

Keepin um in place!!

SO i'll be honest.. when i saw the name of this product.. it was NOT at all what i had envisioned!!
I mean what comes to mind when you hear the words The Kush Tube and you're from Denver... well it's just different LOL
THIS Kush tube is to keep  the lovelies in place and their curves beautiful while you sleep.
The slip-resistant surface and contoured shape help keep it in place as a woman rolls from one side to the other during sleep. It's also supposed to keep sagging to a minimum!! LOL i find that having no kids works JUST as well!!! 
But that's just me! 
Personally i find this to be a waste of time and sleep... but if you are in need... Pick one Up Here!
XOXO to  the twins... regardless i guess!! HAHA!

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