February 10, 2011

What's a Girl to Do???

Winter. Snow. Cold. are words that do not go well with Smartphone. Texting. Touchscreen.
I'm not sure who didn't think of the fact that some of us live in a climate where sub zero is toally possible and the regular gloves don't work with a touchscreen. 
so i went on a hunt...and you know how i feel about the HUNT... in all things *wink* ... but as far as gloves compatible with touchscreens.. here we go!!

DKNY's Cashmere pop top gloves are on sale TODAY (2/10/11) for $49.99 at DKNY

Juicy Couture's "text me" leather gloves... although sold out today.. i hear from a rep.. they'll be back!!
Regularly $78 HERE
Buy now!
Love these!!!! take a glimpse in to the future of gloves at Five Point gloves

Whichever you decide to procure... or if you decide to go gloveless (i promise i won't tell lol) Stay Warm and Kepp Texting!! 

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