February 14, 2011

Just a lil Friendly.. you know... advice ;)

Dating in the real world is complicated!! It's a lot more complicated than the movies and TV make it out to be. As it's V Day.. and i have so carefully thought about it... i figure the world is now ready for MY dating wisdom and advice on the V day and other unsightly blemishes!! 
Listen Closely and Read Carefully.. for what you are about to uncover is the secret to ... oh who am i kidding.. I only know dysfunctional relationships... so this is the antithesis of what I've done or have been done to... better luck to you!! 
 Oh and if you are thinking about surprising me for Valentines... you REALLY should take note!! *giggles* 
 Play a love song.... a good one. 
 Sneak little notes in your loves pockets or briefcases.. or briefs.. hey i'm not one to judge! 
 Chocolate isn't a present.. it's a snack. 
 Move PAST the roses.... seriously. Should you opt for the rose... let's get more than one.. one isn't acceptable unless you are doing the tango!
 A stuffed animal should only be a part of the date if you have attended a carnival prior to. 
 Breakfast in bed....c'mon now that's just common sense...  
 Holding hands is not corny... so do it. 
 Love letters are awesome.... but only if you can spell. 
 Breath Mints..spray.. gum and or travel toothbrushes should be on your person at all time!! Yeah... halitosis is not a good look on ANYONE!! 
 Be HONEST!!! It's so simple yet so difficult... why? Honesty is the best policy!! 
 Slow Dance... I'm a firm believer that those who dance together... stay together ;) 

Whatever your 'rules' or 'guidelines' when it comes to love... make sure you love you first... and never.. i repeat NEVER accept anything less than what you deserve!!

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