February 8, 2011

Where every Diva needs to land!

There's no food.. but fashion and frivolity run a muck at My Divas Closet!!
Here you can find anything and everything from costume jewelry to false lashes to bangles and earrings... Remember this site come Haloweeeeen!!!
here's a few of my faves...just for fun..... you'll thank me later!! http://www.mydivascloset.com/jewelry.html

1" Jeweled Bow Ring for $12.50
Buy my Bow Ring HERE
Chic Crystal Bow Headband for $12.00
Get my Headbands HERE

Find These HERE
Black False Lashes with Two Rows of Glittery Sparkle
Love my Lashes HERE
Satin Ballet Flats with Bow Detail for $14.95
Walkin on sunshine in THESE
I hope you find what you are looking for.. or perhaps what you weren't!! 

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